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Solar Power Automatic Cherry Farm Irrigation Water Timer

IoT based Smart irrigation systems tailor watering schedules and run times automatically to meet specific landscape needs. These controllers significantly improve outdoor water use efficiencies.

  • QT-02-L/G

  • QOTO

Solar Power Automatic Kiwi Farm Irrigation Water Timer

Product parameter:

product model



18650 lithium battery(wide temperature)

battery capacity: 2000mAhfour pcs

solar panel

polysilicon 6V 5.5W

botton connector port

solar power charging port can support 5V 1A USB charger6.5V/2A max

flow meter

external flow meter

max speed10m/s

min speed0.3m/s

working pressure5kg/cm^2

ball valve torque

60 N.m

Max power



low power mode

sleep current<10uA

non low power mode

stand-by currentNB<48mA,4G<65mA,lora<26mA

Here's how it works

1. Choose your valve(s): Bearing in mind the characteristics of the terrain, crop type and irrigation method, decide which valve size you require, and how many you need to measure across your whole pipeline network.

2. Download the app: Download the free QOTO smart app to your smartphone, or use a platform from one of our Integration Partners.

3. Install your valve: Scan valves into the QOTO smart app or Integration Partner platform. Then install valve to the pipe.

4. Cloud-based server and calibrated data: Through the GSM wireless connection all your app data is uploaded with end-to-end encryption and stored in the cloud.

LoRa smart irrigation system

About us:

Shenzhen Power-tomorrow Actuator valve Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focused on pipeline control system with IoT technology Founded on November 21st, 2017. The company's main products are a variety of small and medium-sized pipeline control valves and intelligent irrigation controllers,mainly applied in thermal power generation, chemical pipelines, municipal water supply pipes, garden and agricultural irrigation pipes, household irrigation pipes etc.In the past few years, our products has captured a large part of the domestic market with a stable and excellent product quality and gained a good reputation in the domestic market. After years of .experience and technology accumulation precipitation, the company's products have been in the IoT industry in a leading position.
Shenzhen Power-tomorrow Actuator valve Co., Ltd.has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, and third-party quality testing certification We win market recognition by quality. At the same time with CE, RoHS certification recognition by quality. At the same time with CE, RoHS certification.

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