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Shenzhen Power-Tomorrow Actuator Valve Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrated with R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed a wireless solar irrigation system based on smart electric valves independently, which make our company in the leading position the industry.
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Shenzhen Power-Tomorrow actuator valve co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on using IoT technology to make intelligent pipeline valve controllers with 15 years' experience. The company is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, where the office covers an area of 1300 ㎡ and 5000 ㎡ factory line. We provide valves and intelligent valve actuators for small and medium size pipelines in agricultural irrigation, gardens watering,municipal water supply,thermal power generation, chemical pipelines and etc.

In the early stage, QOTO was enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of industrial valve electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, pneumatic valve, electric valve, electric butterfly valve, electric ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, hard seal / soft seal valve, High temperature/high pressure valve, manual valve, UPVC valve with rich experience in pipeline flow control.

The products are widely used in power station, boiler, petroleum, chemical industry, urban construction, medicine, fertilizer, metallurgy, mining. Air conditioning cooling water automatic adjustment system\ Automatic temperature control system\All kinds of automatic control equipment for paper industry.

Owing to the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, the company's founder decided to apply IoT operating system and transmission protocol, make the traditional electric actuator having a long-distance, low-power wireless Internet access function , getting rid of the wired control of the traditional control cabinet, realize the wireless remote flow control in pipelines, which contributes industrial experience to intelligent irrigation in smart agriculture. Using solar energy technology, the traditional electric valve is given new energy power, get rid of the dependence on wires, and make the installation more worry-free.

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.Main products include: 4G wireless control valve, loRa wireless control valve, high-pressure spraying control valve, garden water timer, environmental sensors, irrigation accessories, etc.

The new type of control valve has various applications:residential irrigation(like home garden, villa, balcony,housetop growing),commercial irrigation(like sport fields,hotel,street greening),agricultural irrigation(slope orchards, woodlands, nurseries, vegetable bases, tea plantations,greenhouse micro-spraying, fruit tree drip irrigation, farmland irrigation, greenhouse seedling raising, open-air vegetable fields, greenhouse irrigation, fungus moisturizing).

As for OEM and ODM services, we provide users with one-stop service, software development, hardware design, exterior structure design, SMT production, PCBA testing, wiring harness customization, small batch trial production, mass production delivery, and continuous iteration.
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Shenzhen Power-Tomorrow Actuator Valve Co., Ltd.

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