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Our Advantage

What You Will Have Is An Intelligent Irrigation System

Compared with the traditional solenoid valve, our motorized valve’s advantages are quite outstanding:

 1. Full port valve, the water capacity is 2 times of the solenoid valve, for example, one QOTO Smart single DN50 ball valve can irrigate 10 acre,while 5 acres for the traditional solenoid valve system, less devices
 2. Controlled by mobile phone APP, and feedback for each command, while you have to check that at the site to see if it executes the instruction when use the solenoid valve system.
 3. Powered by solar panel or external power supply, energy-saving
 4. All the motorized valve caliber can be adjusted by percentage to ensure the water pressure, and no water hammer phenomenon, while the solenoid valve can’t.
 5. No need electric cable and control cabinet, less cost and maintenance cost
 6. All controlled by App, no need more workers, manpower -saving
 7. All systems can be upgraded by OTA

QOTO Advantage Products

Shenzhen Power-Tomorrow Actuator Valve Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrated with R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed a wireless solar irrigation system based on smart electric valves independently, which make our company in the leading position the industry.
Main products include: 4G wireless control valve, loRa wireless control valve, high-pressure spraying control valve, garden water timer, environmental sensors, irrigation accessories, etc.

QOTO Features

Build a perfect water-saving automatic irrigation system to realize quantitative irrigation, timed irrigation, and on-demand irrigation
Save water resources,manpower and material resources
Users can water crops remotely without leaving home
Realize automatic watering crops according to changes in soil moisture
Build an intelligent management monitoring platform
Build an intelligent water-saving automatic irrigation system of high stability, manageability, scalability and easy maintenance
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