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Sprinklers based irrigation system

How to determine whether you should use a sprinkler-based irrigation system instead of drip irrigation or mobile irrigation?^Water qualitywhen the water available for irrigation is not high-quality water, sprinkler irrigation is better than drip irrigation. Since in sprinkler irrigation, the exit op

2023 05-15
What you should pay attention to when buying Smart Water Timer

With the continuous progress of technology, more and more smart home products have started to enter our lives. Among them, Smart Water Timer, as a practical smart home product, is highly favored by people. However, when purchasing Smart Water Timer, consumers also need to choose between many brands and models, which requires us to pay attention to some important factors to ensure the purchase of the right product.

2023 04-11
With one-touch control, the Smart water timer lets you experience efficient watering

A smart water timer is a device that can be connected to an outdoor faucet or irrigation system to remotely control the watering of plants and lawns from a smartphone or other Internet-connected device.

2023 03-24
Smart water timer: an essential device for the new era of agricultural production

With the continuous development of technology, the Smart water timer, as a new type of watering device, has been widely used in households and urban public places. In agricultural production, Smart water timer has an important application value as well. In this article, we will introduce the application and advantages of Smart water timers in agriculture.

2023 04-03
One-touch control to get rid of tedious watering!

Keeping your garden, lawn, and other plants healthy is a constant concern for many people. But frequent watering is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also a waste of water. Smart water timer was created to solve these problems by providing one-touch control to intelligently adjust watering time and amount, thus helping you manage your plants more efficiently.

2023 03-28
From traditional to smart, a Smart water timer is the inevitable choice for the times

With the continuous progress of technology, many traditional fields have been greatly changed and enhanced. In agriculture, industry, life, and other aspects, the application of intelligent equipment has become a trend. And Smart water timer, as one of the representatives, has been widely concerned and favored. In this article, we will introduce and analyze the comparison between traditional and intelligent and the characteristics of Smart water timer.

2023 03-21
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