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Control Valve Actuator

PTZF intelligent multi-turn electric actuators are suitable for gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves and various regulating valves.


Control valve actuator

PTZF intelligent multi-turn electric actuators are suitable for gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves and various regulating valves.




PTZF actuator

Power supply

380VAC 50Hz 3phase , 220VAC 50Hz customizable

Motor working system

S2-15min short-time,F class

Connection standard


Switching input

Input voltage 24VDC+/-20%

Switching outpu

Output mode passive contact





The shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, with anodized treatment and polyester powder coating, with strong corrosion resistance, IP67 protection level, and IP68 and b explosion-proof type for selection (please specify when ordering).


Using a fully enclosed squirrel cage motor, it has the characteristics of small size, large torque, and small inertial force. The insulation class of the motor is F and the built-in overheat protector can prevent the motor from being damaged by overheating.

Dryer (optional)

It is used to control the temperature, prevent moisture condensation inside the actuator due to temperature and weather changes, and keep the internal electrical components dry.


The indicator is installed on the central axis and the valve position can be observed. The mirror surface is designed with tempered glass convex lens, which does not accumulate water and makes observation more convenient.

Valve position control

The effective combination of mechanical counter and absolute encoder is realized, and the valve position control is more accurate and reliable.


1.Can the actuator Split control?

The control unit of the actuator can be installed separately from the mechanical parts. Solve the problem of high-temperature on-site and high-altitude installation and debugging

2.What Bus technology it can use with?

Modbus and Profibus operational

3.Is this actuator an absolute encoder actuator or a relative encoder actuator?

This is an absolute encoder actuator. No battery support required.

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