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Motorised Control Valve Actuator

The PTZFM multi-turn electric actuator with non-intrusive intelligent control, infrared remote control operation, self-diagnosis fault alarm. Equipped with integral flameproof enclosure.


Motorised control valve actuator

The PTZFM multi-turn electric actuator with non-intrusive intelligent control, infrared remote control operation, self-diagnosis fault alarm. Equipped with integral flameproof enclosure.

Power supply uses AC380V/220V/110V as the driving power supply, and the switch signal (active and passive) and 4-20mA current signal are used as the control signal to make the valve move to the desired position. Its automatic control, the maximum output torque reaches 5000N•M.

Place of origin




Power supply

380VAC 50Hz 3phase , 220VAC 50Hz customizable

Motor working system

S2-15min short-time,F class

Cable inlet

M20*1.5(one), M25*1.5(two) (cable inlet can be selected at

most 6) (can be customized)

Actuator type

4-20mA modulating type


◆Torque protection

Optional mechanical and electronic overload protection. When the valve is jammed or there is foreign matter, the motor power is automatically cut off, which more effectively protects the valve and electric actuator from damage. (It has been set before leaving the factory, please do not change the setting at will)


The precision worm gear mechanism can efficiently transmit large torque, high efficiency, low noise (maximum 50 decibels), long life, and has a self-locking function to prevent reverse rotation, the transmission part is stable and reliable, and no need to refuel.

Phase sequence self-correction and phase loss protection

The rotation direction of the actuator can be set freely, and the power phase sequence can be automatically corrected, and the power phase sequence does not need to be considered for wiring. And there are power supply phase loss and output phase loss protection functions.

Signal free configuration and self-diagnosis

A total of 4 output contacts, 2 contact signals for users to choose, each signal can be freely defined, the other 2 contact signals can not be freely defined. The powerful fault self-diagnosis function facilitates users to quickly and quickly deal with faults in a timely manner and to grasp the operating status of the equipment.


The control circuit conforms to the single-phase or three-phase power supply standard, the circuit layout is compact and reasonable, and the wiring terminals can effectively meet the requirements of various additional functions. (It can be processed separately according to customer requirements)


1.Q:What valve stem size the actuator can fit together?

A:The bottom installation size conforms to the ISO5211 international standard, and the drive shaft sleeve can be removed for processing as required, with strong adaptability. It can be installed vertically or horizontally.

2.Q:How to debug the actuator?

A:The infrared setter is simple, safe, and fast non-intrusive adjustment. The PTZFM actuator remote controller can be used to enter and adjust the actuator settings, such as torque value, limit, control, and display functions.

3.Q: What material is the housing of this actuator?

A: The shell is aluminum alloy, with hand-wheel for manual operation

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