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NB-IoT Smart Motorized Ball Valve

1.NB-IoT communication protocal 2.Model: PTAT05 3.220VAC , 50N.m 4.On-off type Ball vavle: 1/2" 5.Flange type ,PN16 6.Valve body : SS304 7.Valve seat : PTFE 8.DIN standard


NB-IoT smart motorized ball valve

Performance features

1. The shell is made of hard aluminum alloy,and the volume is small.After anodizing treatment and polyester powder coating, it has strong corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, fine and smooth, and can reduce electromagnetic interference.

2.Fully enclosed squirrel cage motor,small size, large torque,small inertia force,insulation class F.built-in overheating protection switch, can prevent overheating and damaging the motor.Anti-corrosion and anti-rust, all screws are made of stainless steel.

3.The light and convenient handle design ensures safety, reliability,labor saving, and small size.When the power is off, it can be operated manually.When manual operation not required, the spanner is placed in the spanner clamp for easy use.

4. The precise position of the valve can be clearly known through a mobile phone or computer. The valve is controlled from 0 to 100°with an accuracy of 1%.

5. It is used to control the temperature, prevent moisture condensation inside the actuator due to temperature and weather changes, and keep the internal electrical components dry.

6. The sealing performance is good, the integrated design of the turbine output shaft avoids the gap of the key connection,and the transmission accuracy is high; it is forged with a special copper alloy, which has high strength and good wear resistance.

7. The precision worm gear mechanism can efficiently transmit large torque, high efficiency, low noise,long life; self-locking function to prevent reverse rotation, the transmission part is stable and reliable, no need to refuel.

8.Protective device: When the shell is removed, the bolts are attached to the shell and will not fall off.

9.The bottom installation size complies with IS05211/DIN3337 international standards. The hole is a double square to facilitate linear or 45°angle installation of the valve with a square rod. It has strong adaptability and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

10.Intelligent control: The intelligent control module is highly integrated in the body of the electric device, and no wiring is required to install the control box.

11.Powerful function: stroke 0~330°, intelligent control by mobile phone or computer.

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