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DN40mm Electric Gate Valve

DN40mm electric gate valve Gate valve specification 1. Seat: A276 316 2. Wedge: A182 F316 3. Stem: A276 316 4. Body: F316 5. Gasket: SSspiral Wound+graphite 6. Gland Packing: Graphite 7. STUD: A193-B8 8. PIN: A276 304 9. Gland: A276 316 10. Gland Flange: F304 11. STUD: A193-B8 12. NUT: A194-8...


DN40mm electric gate valve

Electric Actuator Modelodel


Motor Power


Rated current


Input Voltage


Output Torque


Operating Time


flange connection size


PT with gate valve

Gate valve specification

1. Seat: A276 316

2. Wedge: A182 F316

3. Stem: A276 316

4. Body: F316

5. Gasket: SSspiral Wound+graphite

6. Gland Packing: Graphite

7. STUD: A193-B8

8. PIN: A276 304

9. Gland: A276 316

10. Gland Flange: F304

11. STUD: A193-B8

12. NUT: A194-8



Design:API 602

Flanged: ANSI B16.5

Face to Face:  ANSI B16.10

Inspection: API 598


PT series Smart Electric actuator use advanced DSP systerm, makes product a perfect combination of acuracy and reliability.


1. Motor protection when valve stuck

If the valve is stuck, when No action within 7 seconds after the start signal is sent

logical power will disconnect the responding contactor to protect the motor from overheating.

2. Phase synchronizer

PT's unique phase synchronizer Adjusting device, which can automatically adjust in phase, to prevent improper wiring of power supply,ensuring three-phase motor Always have the correct power phase sequence.

3. Single phase protection

To further prevent motor overheating, PT electronic device constantly monitors the three phases of the power supply.

If one or more phases are lost, it can be prevented that the control circuit energizes the contactor. As a standard function, will have On-site and remote alarms when the power is out of phase.

4. PT/PTJ overheat protection

The PT is equipped with two thermal protection relays in the motor coil for

detect the temperature of the coil directly. If the coil is overheated, the control circuit will be disconnected.

PT/PTJ overheat protection

5. Instantaneous reversal protection

Automatic delay circuit is used to prevent the actuator from Unnecessary grinding of the valve stem and gearbox by the impact load, when receiving the instantaneous reversal command.

The circuit also limits inrush current through the contactor.


PT series actuators adopt Modbus module, useRS485 data bus connection, using Modbus RTU communication protocol,It can transmit data at a maximum speed of 38.4Kbit/s, which is convenient for the Configuration in the popular configuration software, providing full control of the actuator and the communication of functions and feedback data. Bus control system automatically Switch to a normal communication module to ensure the system is running normally.

7.Automatic self-test and diagnostic function (ASTD)

At any time, once the actuator is powered up, it will automatically detect the

Operation circuit to ensure correct operation. For rare failures, can be diagnosed and automatically displayed as icon On the screen. Meantime, the electric operation of the actuator will be prohibited, so as to facilitate On-site maintenance.

8.Remote diagnosis - lrDATM

PT implementation achieve fast, secure, non-intrusive

Communication and standardized data exchange with lrDA. The actuator's setting configuration can be Analyzed and changed. Each PT includes a built-in data Recorder. We can make explaination and suggestions through valve torque distribution, actuator events and statistics Analysis of operational data.

Data information can also be transmitted to the user's site Headquarters via the lrDATM compatible PDA. After analyzing and changing the configuration of the actuator, then transmitting back to the actuator.


Profibus with SIEMENS SPC3 dedicated integrated chip design

The full functionality of the DP is compatible with the EN50170 standard. data transmission rate is 9.8Kbit/s, and the data volume of each report is 244Bytes, response time is from hundreds of microseconds to hundreds microseconds. Transmission media is shielded twisted pair or fiber. Isolation technology, eliminating external Interference. According to user requirements, DN, HAT, FF other standard fieldbus interfaces can also be provided.

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