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Date Palm Drip Irrigation System Management

Dates are considered premium, long term crops. Replanting occurs every 35 years and crops appear after five. Full production commences after eight years. However, date palm cultivation requires little labour and is often referred to as high tech agriculture as growers rely upon sub contractors rather than a large, permanent workforce. The grower need only visit the orchard twice a year to inspect the irrigation system, for annual pruning and sundry tasks. A QOTO irrigation system makes this even easier, since it has been developed and improved over many years together with date growers.


Subsurface drip irrigation system has been proved to give higher water use efficiency and better water productivity (WP) than other irrigation systems. Subsurface drip irrigation system was used to irrigate date palm trees compared with bubbler irrigation which is currently used for irrigating date palms. Four irrigation treatments were 100% ETc using bubbler irrigation, 60%, 40% and 20% ETc using Subsurface irrigation system have been tested on date palm production. The results show no significant differences in fruit production between date palm trees irrigated by 100% ETc using bubbler system and those irrigated with 60% of the water requirement under subsurface drip irrigation system. Fruit production was significantly reduced under the irrigation with 40% and 20% of ETc under subsurface drip irrigation system as compared to that irrigated with 60% ETc. The highest WP of 4.7 kg/m3 was obtained at the rate of 20% of the water requirements under subsurface drip irrigation system. All the results proved that subsurface drip irrigation system contributes to 40% water saving without reduction in fruit production of date palm trees.

DC24V wireless irrigation controller6

  • Improved 4G/Lora Connection and app connection speed

  • Watering reports for maximizing efficiency

  • Manual watering in the palm of your hand

  • Smarter watering - automatic seasonal adjust can change the controller's daily watering schedule according to the season, local weather, temperature and humidity

  • Notification alerts - stay in touch with what's happening in your farm, even when you're away from home, can include alerts for watering events, freeze warnings or when watering has been delayed

  • Control multiple timers - both farmowners that worry about more than one property and farm care professionals can easily access a timer no matter where they are

App function introduction

1,Remote control by Mobile phone or PC computer

2,Control the valve position by percentage                                                             

3,Irrigation water capacity setting, to control water consumption                                                  

4, Malfunction warning,water shortage warning(work with flow meter),low power warning etc,to provide secure user experience

5,When it start watering, the real-time feedback of consumption and time will reflect on the App(work with flow meter) 

6,Power supply solution: powered by solar panel+lead batteries,green and environment-friendly                        

7,Timing function                                                                                            

8,Circular irrigation                                                                                

9,Push notification of device                                                                                    

10, When the Internet is cut, the controller will keep watering according to schedule once the timing program is set  

11,Record of each water consumption and duration each month                                                                                

12,Delay irrigation in rainy and snowy weather                                                                                 

13,Lora/4G optional commication protocol                                                   

14,Sharing devics function                                                                                            

15,Intelligent interconnect function                                                                                                                         

16,Signal strength indicate

DC24V wireless irrigation controller4


1. power supply:DC 24V (solar panel+lead acid battery)

2.communication protocol:Lora/4G

3.protection level:IP67

4.working Temp:-20~65ºC                                

5.Media Temp:0~70ºC valve caliber:DN50~DN150

Standard configuration:

1.smart irrigation controller*1

2.standard antenna*1


1.solar panel+lead acid


3.flow meter--(the biggest caliber: DN80)

4.different size of antenna

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