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GSM Based Automated Vineyard Irrigation Solutions

power supply:DC 24V communication protocol:Lora/4G protection level:IP67 working Temp:-20~65℃ Media Temp:0~70℃ valve caliber:DN50~DN150


GSM Based Automated Vineyard Irrigation Solutions

Currently, most growers schedule irrigation using soil moisture sensing, observing vines for water stress symptoms, or based on weather and/or historical irrigation regimes.


However, these approaches can result in either over-watering or under-watering; which in turn leads to either excessive growth or vine water stress, both of which can lower yield and fruit quality.

Now to solve this problem, we develop flow volumn base irrigation system


This is a high end product from QOTO aimed at next level farmers and corporate firms engaged in farming, where in Irrigation and Fertigation will be controlled in mobiles through GSM technology and all Irrigation and Fertigation data will be available to customers in graphical representation.


1)Remote control and monitor of irrigation/fertigation/fogging

2)History of Irrigation/Fertigation in a graphical display

3)Data analytics

4)Up to 1 KM Wireless sensors - Temperature / Humidity / Soil Moisture / Soil Temperature / Rain Sensors

5)Web App / Mobile App

6)4G / LORA/Cloud Server


1)Remotely control and monitor irrigation/fertigation/fogging/misting

2)History of irrigation in a graphical display is seen, Data analytics of past irrigation can be done and precise planning for the future can be done.

Model QT-10/15-G/L
Telecommunication protocol
Protection level IP67
work temp -20~65℃
valve diameter DN50-DN500
standard configuration smart irrigation controller*1/antenna*1
optional valve/flow meter/solar panel

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