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Volume Based 4G GSM IoT Irrigation Controller

With QOTO app you can take full control of your irrigation anytime from anywhere in the world. The control and monitoring of your irrigation is at your fingertips. Cloud intelligence, weather data and OTA updates.


Volume based 4G GSM IoT Irrigation Controller


1. This helps a farmer to utilise water resource efficiently

2. Some crops are sensitive to higher amount of water (e.g. Grape vine) which will affect the quality of end produce and for lower amount of irrigation will stress the crop, in such cases volume based IoT irrigation controller will be a handy solution.


1)Mobile phone or PC web Valve control

2)2 Pump Motors & Filter control

3)Up to 5 Tank Fertigation

4)Volume based Irrigation

5)Digital Water & Ferti Meters

6)Greenhouse Heater, Cooler/Fan, Climate control & Light Control

7)GSM Mobile / SMS based control

8)Wireless Sensors / Valves control

Model QT-10/15-G/L
Telecommunication protocol
Protection level IP67
work temp -20~65℃
valve diameter DN50-DN500
standard configuration smart irrigation controller*1/antenna*1
optional valve/flow meter/solar panel

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