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GSM Based Precise Irrigation For Olive Farm

power supply:DC 24V communication protocol:Lora/4G protection level:IP67 working Temp:-20~65℃ Media Temp:0~70℃ valve caliber:DN50~DN150

  • QT-02-L/G
  • QOTO

GSM Based Precise Irrigation For Olive farm

Power supply 
Solar panel+18650 battery 2pcs or 4pcs
Telecomunication protocol
Valve size DN50-DN100
Protection level IP67
Working Temp -20~65℃

QOTO remote control valve, as IoT smart water valve supplier, provides irrigation and water management solutions built on responsive real-time technology for school districts, parks, cities, sports parks, commercial and government entities conserve water, optimize resources, and simplify water management. QOTO features cloud-based central control, dynamic flow optimization, intelligent controllers, and smart watering technologies. 


Irrigation of the olive tree makes it possible:

• To protect against the risk of drought with the possibility of excellent yields materialising;

• To counteract alternate bearing cycles, thus allowing the trees to produce simultaneously both the fruit and the branches (vegetation) that will bear the fruit the following year;

• To improve production in terms of quantity and quality; in particular, by allowing the tree to produce a maximum of perfect flowers and ensure their setting;

• To allow fertilisers, diluted into the irrigation water and applied very precisely, to be made available to the olive tree, directly into the root zone;

• To accelerate the growth of young olive plants and thus be able to have a harvest within 5 or 6 years as opposed to 10 to 15 years when they are left to manage by themselves.

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