LoT Based Motorized Valve
QOTO System
Remote control from 
The platform supports HTTP MQTT TCP/IP protocol.Via tablet,web or mobile phone App, users can control, monitor and schedule irrigation program from anywhere, at anytime.
Excellent hardware QUALITY
High quality solar power irrigation system with full port valve to increase water flow coefficiency.
ALL-AROUND irrigation mode
Single control, cycles control, timed programs, polling irrigation,irrigation according to weather,etc.With flow meter, multiple irrigation mode is available to take care of plant growing need.
About QOTO
Shenzhen Power-Tomorrow Actuator Valve Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrated with R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed a wireless solar irrigation system based on smart electric valves independently, which make our company in the leading position the industry.
 High Stability 
Easy Maintenance
Floor Space
Patent Certificate
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15 May 2023
Sprinklers based irrigation system

How to determine whether you should use a sprinkler-based irrigation system instead of drip irrigation or mobile irrigation?^Water qualitywhen the water available for irrigation is not high-quality water, sprinkler irrigation is better than drip irrigation. Since in sprinkler irrigation, the exit op

11 April 2023
What you should pay attention to when buying Smart Water Timer

With the continuous progress of technology, more and more smart home products have started to enter our lives. Among them, Smart Water Timer, as a practical smart home product, is highly favored by people. However, when purchasing Smart Water Timer, consumers also need to choose between many brands and models, which requires us to pay attention to some important factors to ensure the purchase of the right product.

24 March 2023
With one-touch control, the Smart water timer lets you experience efficient watering

A smart water timer is a device that can be connected to an outdoor faucet or irrigation system to remotely control the watering of plants and lawns from a smartphone or other Internet-connected device.

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QOTO IoT flow control system provide high precision wireless irrigation automation system.
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