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8 Advantages Of Drip Irrigation


There are many advantages to converting your greenhouse to a drip irrigation system.

1. Water conservation: Since drip irrigation systems control water flow efficiently and use 30 to 50 percent less water than sprinkler systems.

2. Adaptability: Drip irrigation systems are useful in a variety of settings—from small vegetable gardens to large farms—and for all soil types. You can easily move or expand the reach of drip emitters and drip lines to irrigate additional plants.

3. Consistent water flow: You can use water emitters that are pressure compensated, meaning they provide a consistent flow rate even when the water has to flow uphill.

4. Improved plant growth: The slow, consistent flow rate of a drip system provides ideal plant growing conditions. It allows water to soak deeply into the soil and more easily reach plant roots.

5. Weed control: The precision of a localized water delivery system means less water is available for weeds to grow between plants.

6. Minimized pollution and territorial damage: Since there's no water runoff with a drip irrigation system, fertilizer pollution is less likely to be washed into natural water sources. And unlike lawn sprinklers, drip systems don’t cause the deterioration of surrounding fences, house siding, and pavement.

7. Time efficiency: You can automate drip systems with a programmable timer so they stick to a hands-off watering schedule.

8. Minimized risk of plant fungus: Fungal diseases often occur when plants have wet leaves. Drip irrigation reduces the chance of fungal infection by delivering water directly into the soil without spraying water onto the leaves.

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