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Sprinklers based irrigation system


How to determine whether you should use a sprinkler-based irrigation system instead of drip irrigation or mobile irrigation?
^Water quality
when the water available for irrigation is not high-quality water, sprinkler irrigation is better than drip irrigation. Since in sprinkler irrigation, the exit opening for the water is wide and doesn’t require delicate filtration such as in drip irrigation.
^Topographic conditions
In a plot of land that has at least a two-meter difference in topographic height, sprinkler irrigation is the best option, though each sprinkler requires its own control valve.
^Dismantling and storage
When the equipment is no longer needed, such as in periods where no irrigation is required, sprinkler irrigation is preferred since it can be dismantled and stored with relative ease.
^Delivered water pressure
If the water pressure delivered to the plot isn’t uniform, the water exiting the sprinkler head will be of low quality, and could harm both the soil and the plants. In this case, it’s better to choose an alternative irrigation method.
^Common wind conditions
If the prevailing wind conditions are over 8 meters per second, the water uniformity will be affected. Under these conditions, a sprinkler irrigation system isn’t recommended.

sprinkler based irrigation

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