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Advantages And Disadvantages Of High Pressure Ball Valve


High-pressure ball valves are used in hydraulic machinery, hydraulic switches, natural gas, etc. It is composed of three parts: control, power and actuators. The control part is composed of pressure control valve, flow control valve, direction control valve, etc. and electrical control system. The power part is composed of electric or pneumatic motors, hydraulic pumps, oil tanks, etc. It converts the effective power on the rotating shaft of the electric or pneumatic motors into fluid pressure energy for hydraulic transmission.

There are two types of high-pressure ball valve device actuators, one is a hydraulic cylinder actuator, which realizes reciprocating linear motion, and the other is a hydraulic motor actuator, which realizes rotary motion.

Advantages of high pressure ball valve:

1. The structure is simple, compact and small;

2. The transmission is stable and reliable;

3. A large output torque can be obtained;

4. The output torque can be adjusted;

5. Convenient speed adjustment;

6. Easy to disassemble and replace.

Disadvantages of high pressure ball valve:

1. Largely affected by ambient temperature;

2. The piping is troublesome and easy to cause leakage;

3. Not suitable for occasions where various operations are generated on the signal.

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