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Planting area of more than 150 acre, a total of more than 350 QOTO intelligent wireless irrigation controller  installed, for fine irrigation management. The installation of intelligent wireless irrigation controller is more scattered, using solar energy and battery  power supply, to solve the problem of power supply difficulties. The communication protocol adopts LORA scheme, after debugging, irrigation can be controlled remotely  by mobile phone APP and on the computer side. Effect with QOTO's intelligent wireless irrigation controller: 

1, Water-saving energy-saving projects using intelligent wireless irrigation controller, integrated flow  sensors, can be real-time monitoring of the flow of each pile, for optimizing the wheel irrigation group,  adjust irrigation time provides an important data support.Can also be found in real time irrigation pipe  water situation, no water, control will prompt water shortage alarm. After the use of automated control  technology, water conservation is achieved 20-30%, farmland per acre to reduce operating costs of more  than 10%,irrigation water utilization rate from 40% to 70%.

2, Save artificial, intelligent irrigation system, so that farmers save labor costs, more than 50% more than in  previous years, through app and PC side control irrigation, and intelligent irrigation system to know  irrigation conditions and water consumption, water shortage has water shortage alarm, no need for more  manual inspection has been turned on irrigation. Failure has an alarm prompt and know the exact location of  the fault equipment, timely notify maintenance personnel for repair. Put into use to create a good economic  and social benefits. 

3, Increase production and efficiency, wireless intelligent irrigation valve applications, especially for each  out-of-the-pile flow, pressure monitoring, optimize the irrigation system, improve irrigation uniformity,  cotton average yield increased by more than 10%, the average annual increase of more than 10%. Realize  wireless automatic control of irrigation process, real-time monitoring and early warning of irrigation data,  centralized management and analysis of irrigation information, promote the informationization,  digitalization and intelligent development of agricultural irrigation, so that irrigation workers more happy,  farmers more assured, the government more at ease.

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