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Application of Lora Wireless Irrigation System in Agricultural Planting

China's arable land area is about 2 billion arces. In agricultural planting, traditional irrigation methods cannot meet today's social needs. In some areas of China, intelligent agricultural irrigation has been realized, and the scope of use will become wider and wider. Irrigation systems will also become more advanced. The improvement of the Internet of Things has made the QOTO intelligent irrigation system increasingly perfect.

The biggest difference between the intelligent wireless irrigation system independently developed by Shenzhen Qiangtai Automation and the traditional method is that wireless irrigation does not complete signal output through wiring, but through LORA/4G/NB-iot wireless transmission technology to complete signal reception and transmission. emission. Moreover, the QOTO wireless irrigation controller has the characteristics of low power consumption. It adopts solar panel + battery power supply, which saves the trouble of wiring. When it is used in farmland, greenhouse, grassland and other places for harvesting, there is no need to worry about the safety of cables.

Irrigation methods can be carried out in different ways according to different regions, different soil types and crops. It can be sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation. In the intelligent wireless irrigation system, using high-precision soil temperature and humidity sensors and intelligent weather stations, through remote collection of soil moisture, pH, and regional meteorological factors, comprehensive judgments are made to obtain the appropriate irrigation time and required water for crops, and remote decision-making , Autonomous control of irrigation measures.

For agricultural fields equipped with QOTO wireless irrigation system, a variety of irrigation control methods can be realized in a computer or mobile phone: manual irrigation, timed irrigation, circular irrigation, circular irrigation, etc. In the process of irrigation, manual intervention can also be performed. The QOTO wireless irrigation system has strong operability, high reliability, expandability and compatibility, and can be controlled by zone or centralized.

A variety of controls, switch at will: Qiangtai irrigation system adopts wireless irrigation controller, which is different from other homes. QOTO wireless irrigation controller can control the valve opening percentage, and remotely adjust the valve opening through mobile phone APP or computer, without hammer phenomenon. , will not cause damage to pipes and nozzles. Full bore, it will not reduce the water pressure of the pipeline, it is not easy to block the valve, and the service life is long. Reasonable irrigation methods can save water resources, increase crop yield, prevent soil erosion, protect soil environment and reduce economic investment.


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