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Corn Irrigation Management


Growing corn with drip irrigation has been a common practice in many parts of the world for over 30 years. Drip systems maintain certain unique characteristics that help make them the best irrigation alternative for corn in many growing scenarios.

Drip is ideal for irrigating corn with limited water budgets: Drip increases water use efficiency, since it creates no evaporation or run-off, and the water is precisely targeted to the root zone. Drip fits all plot shapes and sizes: Unlike center pivots and other irrigation methods, drip can be used in odd-shaped and small fields. Drip can achieve perfect water distribution even on extreme slopes: Pressure compensated drippers allow uniform water emission across all parts of the plot regardless of slope, and unlike other irrigation methods, drip installation in sloped areas is common practice. Drip is ideal for rainy areas due to efficient fertilization: Drip enables daily fertilizer application so that the fertilizer can be divided into small portions, leading to less nutrient loss due to leaching caused by rain. Drip requires the lowest energy consumption: Drip operates at low pressures, so it can significantly cut irrigation costs, compared to other pressurized systems in areas where electricity is expensive. Drip is ideal for irrigating uniformly under windy conditions: Drip is unaffected by wind – unlike overhead irrigation systems.

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