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Correct Use And Maintenance Of High Pressure Ball Valve

In the production of chemical, petroleum refining, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, water conservancy, steel and other industries, most of the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are in liquid state, and the raw materials into semi-finished and finished products need to go through a complex process. High pressure ball valves are used in these industries. In the process, it plays a role in conveying liquid, cutting off, distributing and changing the direction of medium flow. In addition, high-pressure ball valves are often used as switch and shut-off valves.

Correct use of high pressure ball valve:

1. Check whether various accessories are complete;

2. Whether the bolts and nuts of the fastening parts are loose;

3. Whether the valve inlet and outlet switch positions are correct;

4. When starting, check whether the motor transmission part is stuck;

5. It is strictly forbidden to operate the ball valve under overpressure, overspeed and pump down conditions;

6. When large fluctuations in inlet and outlet pressure are found, check whether the slide valve and the valve are blocked and cleaned in time.

The correct use and maintenance of the ball valve during use can effectively improve the production efficiency and the service life of the valve, and reduce the loss caused by the shutdown and maintenance.

Maintenance of high pressure ball valve:

1. Frequently clean up the lubrication system and oil dirt and keep all friction surfaces clean;

2. Check the rotating parts and bolts frequently, and tighten them in time if they are loose;

3. Frequently check the valve outlet pressure and current, if it exceeds the index, it should be adjusted in time;

4. When packing leakage occurs, adjust the tightness of the gland in time.


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