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Environmental sensors


Environmental sensors include: soil temperature sensor, air temperature and humidity sensor, evaporation sensor, rainfall sensor, light sensor, wind speed and direction sensor, etc., not only can accurately measure relevant environmental information, but also can be connected to the host to maximize user satisfaction.

Different types of sensors have different application scenarios.

Soil Temperature Sensor: The soil temperature sensor is specially designed to measure the soil temperature. The range is mostly -40~120°C. Typically connected to a mock collector.

Air temperature and humidity sensor: Since temperature and humidity are closely related both in terms of physical quantities and in actual people's lives, sensors integrating temperature and humidity will be produced accordingly. For example, the growth of plants in greenhouses has very strict requirements on temperature and humidity. Under improper temperature and humidity, plants will stop growing or even die. Using temperature and humidity sensors, combined with gas sensors and light sensors, a digital greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring system can be formed to control The relevant parameters in the agricultural greenhouse, so that the efficiency of the greenhouse can be maximized.

Evaporation sensor: It can observe the change rule of water surface evaporation in different time periods, realize automatic monitoring of evaporation process, and can also be used in combination with data acquisition and storage device (recorder) to realize automatic storage of evaporation data.

Rain sensor: a small automatic weather station designed for agricultural ecological environment and environmental monitoring of agricultural production activities. By collecting information from sensors such as temperature and humidity, light, photosynthesis, rainfall, wind speed and direction, the growth of the field can be grasped in a timely manner. When the growth of the field is restricted due to these factors, the user can quickly respond and take emergency preventive measures

Environmental sensor

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