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Failure Judgment Of High Pressure Ball Valve


1. Judge by some abnormalities of the high-pressure ball valve during operation, such as abnormal noise, sparks, odor, abnormal heat, etc., and then proceed to the next step;

2. Use the hardware alarm function of the CNC system: use the alarm indicator to roughly judge the fault location;

3. Use the alarm function of the numerical control system software: Generally speaking, the program control system has an automatic diagnosis function, so that the system can be quickly diagnosed. Once a fault is found, it will be displayed and warned by the display screen or alarm lamp;

4. Use the detection terminals on the circuit board: There are detection terminals on the circuit, which are used to detect the circuit voltage and waveform when the valve is working, and check whether the equipment is working properly.

Daily maintenance work should be based on the actual use of the high-pressure ball valve, and refer to the requirements of the instruction manual, to develop a targeted maintenance system.

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