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Handling Of Bad Phenomena Of High Pressure Ball Valve In Pipeline

1. The high-pressure ball valve vibrates violently: the electric rotor may be unbalanced, or the coupling may be poorly coupled, and the bearing may be worn and bent; it may also be loose or broken in some rotating parts; perhaps because the pipeline support is not firm. Measures such as adjustment, repair, reinforcement and replacement can be taken separately;

2. Water or air leakage in the pipeline: It is possible that the nut is not tightened tightly when the high-pressure ball valve is installed. If the leakage is not serious, apply cement or cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil on the leaking or water leaking place. Temporary repairs can be coated with wet mud or soft soap. If water leaks at the joint, the nut can be tightened by hand. Serious water leakage must be re-disassembled;

3. The packing is overheated: the packing is too tight, the cooling water cannot enter the packing, or the shaft surface is damaged. Measures can be taken to loosen the packing and clean up the blocked pipe. Packing wear must be replaced with new ones. Soak in the engine oil before installation, install it circle by circle, and stagger the cuts to reduce water leakage. After the next circle of packing is installed, the gland must be installed tightly, and the tightness shall be adjusted during operation;

4. The high-pressure ball valve cannot cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline: the reason is mostly that the bottom valve is stuck, the filter part is blocked, the suction height is too high or the suction leaks, or the impeller flow path is blocked due to incorrect steering, etc. . After inspection one by one, measures such as repairing the bottom valve, removing silt, correcting the steering, and cleaning the impeller can be taken.


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