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High Temperature And High Pressure Ball Valve Can Be Applied From High Vacuum To High Pressure

The high temperature and high pressure ball valve is a high-performance ball valve, suitable for fluid adjustment and control. Its strength and resistance to harsh environments have been specially considered in the design, and it is suitable for various corrosive and non-corrosive media. When working, the force generated by the fluid pressure in front of the valve on the ball is all transmitted to the bearing, and the ball will not move to the valve seat, so the valve seat will not bear excessive pressure. The high temperature and high pressure ball valve has small torque and deformation of the valve seat. Small, stable sealing performance, long service life, suitable for high pressure, large diameter occasions. The advanced spring pre-valve seat assembly has self-tightening characteristics to achieve upstream sealing.

The flange of the high temperature and high pressure ball valve is connected by bolts, and the seal adopts reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene inlaid into the stainless steel ring. The spring behind the steel ring ensures that the valve seat is close to the ball and keeps the seal. Both upper and lower valve stems have PTFE non-stick coating on the bearings, with high operating temperature up to 290-300℃, extremely low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and good chemical stability. There is an adjustment plate at the bottom of the small shaft. , To ensure the joint position of the ball and the sealing ring, so the operation is labor-saving.

Structural features of high temperature and high pressure ball valve:

1. Open and close without friction-completely solve the problem of traditional valves affecting the sealing due to mutual friction between the sealing surfaces;

2. Top-mounted structure-the valve installed on the pipeline can be directly inspected and repaired online, which can effectively reduce device shutdown and reduce costs;

3. Single valve seat design-eliminates the problem that the medium in the valve cavity affects the use due to abnormal pressure increase;

4. Low torque design-the valve stem with special structure design can be easily opened and closed with only a small handle;

5. Wedge-shaped sealing structure-the valve is sealed by the mechanical force provided by the valve stem, pressing the ball wedge to the valve seat, so that the sealing performance of the valve is not affected by the change of pipeline pressure, and the sealing performance is good under various working conditions. Have a reliable guarantee;

6. Self-cleaning structure of the sealing surface-when the sphere tilts away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline passes through the sphere sealing surface at a uniform speed of 360°, which not only removes the local erosion of the valve seat by the high-speed fluid, but also washes away the sealing surface The accumulation of materials, to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning;

7. A wide range of applications-diameter from small to several millimeters, as large as several meters, can be applied from high vacuum to high pressure.


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