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How Much Water Do You Need


Example: You have 60 lines of drip tape, each line is 200ft long.  The flow rate is 2 gallons per minute for every 100ft of drip tape.


Row Spacing


Underground Installation


You won’t drive over your pipes 

Once installed, easy to use 

Simply glue pipes together


Difficult to install in wet soil 

Difficult to repair if there is a leak

Layout of Drip Irrigation System

Design Your System (Trees)

You have emitters that water trees 2 gallons per hour.  There are 2 emitters per tree. You want to give 100 gallons  per tree per watering. Your orchard contains 300 trees.

How many gallons per minute do you need?


Step 3: Design Your System (Trees)

How long do you need to water?


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