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Launch Of New Wireless Irrigation Controller Takes Smart Agriculture Irrigation A Step Further

More and more people pay attention to water-saving irrigation. Because of its fully automated integrated equipment and electronic information collection, it can detect the farmland environment in real time, irrigate reasonably according to the crop growth conditions and farmland conditions, and reduce the waste of water source. Irrigation forms sprinkler irrigation through pipes, spray guns or nozzles, spraying farmland evenly, quantitatively and regularly, effectively detecting and controlling the amount of water source, and saving water source waste to a certain extent. Due to the influence of geographical conditions, environmental climate and soil differences, crop growth will be limited to some extent. However, the water-saving irrigation system can monitor the soil situation in real time, effectively improve the soil environment and create better growth conditions for crops. Automatic intelligent irrigation replaces manual irrigation, which not only solves the expensive and difficult manual problem, but also has a much higher quality and accuracy than manual irrigation.

SHENZHEN POWER-TOMORROW ACTUATOR VALVE CO.,LTD.  has developed and produced a new wireless irrigation controller to further promote the cause of intelligent irrigation. It should not only realize automatic watering, but also realize safe watering. Avoid unnecessary losses.

1. Remote control by mobile phone or computer

2. Control valve opening percentage, i.e. valve opening

3. Set flow irrigation and control water consumption for irrigation

4. Fault alarm and water shortage alarm function when there is no water, which is more reassuring to use

5. When the watering is started, the watering amount and time are fed back to the mobile phone in real time (with flowmeter)

6. Solar panel + battery power supply to solve the problem of outdoor power consumption

7. Timing function

8. Circular irrigation function

9. Device message push

10. After setting the timing program, watering can continue according to the set timing after network disconnection

11. Record the monthly and each time water consumption in time

12. Delayed watering in rainy and snowy days

13. Lora / Nb IOT / 4G optional protocol scheme.

14. Equipment sharing, project equipment handover, etc

15. Intelligent linkage function

16. Signal strength indication


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