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More commonly used soil moisture sensors?

The soil moisture sensor is the dry and wet range of the soil. It is a physical quantity used to indicate the degree of dryness and wetness of the soil at a certain depth of the soil layer, usually expressed as a percentage of the soil water content of the dry soil weight, but also available as a percentage of the soil water content of the water held in the field.

There are three common soil moisture sensors as follows.

1, resistance-type soil moisture sensor: resistance-type soil moisture sensor sensitive components for the moisture-sensitive resistor, its main materials are generally dielectric, semiconductor, porous ceramic, etc.. These materials are stronger adsorption of water, adsorption of moisture resistivity / conductivity will change with changes in humidity, so that changes in humidity can lead to changes in the resistance value of the wet-sensitive resistor, the change in resistance value can be converted into the required electrical signal.

2,Ion-sensitive soil moisture sensor: it is composed of two parts: sensitive film and converter, using the sensitive film to identify the type and concentration of ions, and the converter converts the information sensed by the sensitive film into electrical signals, so it can also be used as a soil moisture sensor.

3, capacitive moisture sensor (CHS): capacitive soil moisture sensor sensitive components for moisture-sensitive capacitance, the main materials are generally metal oxides, polymer. These materials have a strong adsorption capacity for water molecules, the amount of adsorbed water changes with the change in environmental humidity. Since water molecules have a large electric dipole moment, the capacitance of the material changes after water absorption, and the capacitance value of the capacitor changes. By converting the change in capacitance value into an electrical signal, the humidity can be monitored.

Our soil sensors can testtemperature, moisture and EC. This saves production costs and reduces a series of troubles such as construction and installation wiring, supports multiple output methods and can be connected to cloud platform for intelligent management.

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