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New Smart Irrigation Controller Drives the Progress of IoT Flow Control with innovative Technology

It is understood that in addition to the advanced water-saving irrigation technologies such as sprinkler irrigation and micro-irrigation generally adopted in agricultural developed countries, advanced intelligent control technology has also been applied.

Implement precise irrigation, obtain real-time crop data with information technology, analyze actual water demand, and improve irrigation accuracy, thereby improving water utilization

Rate. This intelligent irrigation improves the level of irrigation management and changes the randomness of human operation, while reducing the amount of irrigation labor and management.

cost. Therefore, it is an effective solution to promote the implementation of intelligent irrigation, change the current widespread irrigation methods, and improve the utilization rate of irrigation water.

One of the necessary measures to save water in irrigation, and at the same time provide conditions for precise irrigation to maximize yield.

Based on the field of flow control IoT, QOTO has developed a new type of intelligent irrigation controller for more than 2 years.

Innovative technology promotes the process of IoT flow control and creates value for social development.

Brief introduction of intelligent irrigation system:

► Motor-driven valve design, standard mounting hole position, easy to replace traditional control valve.

►Integrated solar power supply, wireless communication, pressure and flow sensing, high integration, more effectively solve the problem of irrigation and water saving;

►Wireless hybrid networking, eliminating the need to set up complicated dedicated power cables, and precise control of watering anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone APP and computer;

►Innovative design of ball valve and butterfly valve structure, zero pressure opening, adjustable valve opening, and control of water flow;

►Quick control response, real-time monitoring to realize online fault diagnosis and processing;

►Control the valve to fully open for about 15 seconds to reduce the damage to pipes and nozzles caused by water hammer.


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