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Xinye is the national pollution-free vegetable production base demonstration county, perennial vegetable planting area of about 350,000 mu, with 2 million kilograms of daily vegetables in the county wholesale vegetable market, here is also the largest vegetable garden and one of the largest vegetable market in the Central Plains. On vegetable growing bases, we use the Smart Agricultural Irrigation Automation Communication Protocol using the NB-iot solution without human intervention. Minimize the randomness of manual operation, while significantly reducing the on-site labor occupation, to help users achieve automated control of on-site agriculture equipment implementation of precise control, and standardized management of production processes 

1. In addition, users do not need to route 220V wires to the planting base, (QOTO solar powered and lead-acid batteries) to solve the power supply 

2. Vegetable picking 12-24 hours before no irrigation and fertilization (QOTO Internet automation through the mobile phone terminal, computer side in advance set irrigation time, can be very good to prevent users due to the planting area of large operating errors resulting in the quality of vegetables) 

3. Users do not need to install a separate control system control solenoid valve, high cost, irrigation need manual inspection, equipment has no work, flow is small, water hammer phenomenon is serious, external solenoid wire supplies, high maintenance costs later (Strong Tai Internet irrigation through the mobile phone terminal, computer-side linkage equipment on- site real-time information feedback, flow monitoring, hydraulic monitoring to solve the heart, motor drive percentage control water flow size)

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