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QOTO Launches Vertical Greening Intelligent Irrigation System 2/2

The plant wall is very dependent on water, and there can be no long-term water interruption. The ordinary timing controller will open the water valve for irrigation when the time is up, but if there is no water in the water pipe, it is impossible to judge whether it is not. Watered normally. Qiangtai QT-01F intelligent irrigation controller perfectly solves this problem. When the water valve is turned on and the water pipe runs out of water, the mobile phone APP or computer control terminal will prompt a water shortage alarm, and the management personnel can check the pipeline condition in time to avoid major losses.

    QOTO intelligent irrigation controller is powered by solar energy + battery, which is more convenient for outdoor installation.

    This intelligent irrigation controller is based on NB-IOT, 4G and LoRa wireless communication technology, with long wireless transmission distance, low power consumption and stable connection, which can be applied to different vertical greening project scenarios.

    Our company is also gradually improving the whole set of intelligent irrigation system to achieve higher intelligence and automation. If equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, water the plants in time when they need water. Obtain these data through low-cost, dynamic and real-time network perception, and adjust water and fertilizer in time, so that plants have a suitable growth environment.


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