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QT-05M-Solar Power Garden Water Timer


Product Description

QOTO Brand water timer/garden timer.If the water timer is connected to WiFi(2.4GHz), you can program and manage the watering schedule anytime and anywhere with the Tuya APP (Android,iOS). Don't worry about watering the plants when you go outside.This wifi faucet timer has a built-in water meter with two watering modes: irrigation and atomization, recording water flow while in use and providing a more scientific watering setting to save water.

The garden water timer works with solar panel , so that it can have a long battery life than other water timer. The gateway can transform wifi to zigbee signal. Zigbee has a mesh network topology with low cost, multi hope data transmission and is power effective. While it is less complex than Bluetooth and easy to install.

Product Characteristics

1. Remote Control -- works with its APP to achieve remote control of watering, so that when you are travelling, on business trip, or just want to rest after a long day work, your plants will be taken care of, convenient and time-saving.
2. Long Service Life -- it is powered by two AA batteries which can last about 1 year, and the solar Monocrystalline board can be used for 3-4 years without replacing the battery.
3. Flexible Watering Control -- on its APP, you can set watering schedule of the week, duration and flow volume for each watering. And the watering status will be shown in real time.
4. Motorized Valves -- the valve has a 1/2" diameter inlet and a 3/4" diameter outlet, motorized for automatic control.
5. Waterproof Enclosure -- the unit has IP66 waterproof rating, and can withstand high temperature of 85℃, which allows it to be mounted outdoors.
6. Voice Control --  compatible with most voice assistants on the market, so you can voice control watering, hands-free operation, more convenient.
7. Smart Gateway -- comes with dedicated smart gateway which features stable transmission and wide coverage. It can control 8 Smart Water Valve at the same time, and can also connect to other smart devices to achieve more functions, such as wireless doorbell, smart lamps, temperature sensors.

Data sheet

product model



2* AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

solar panel

Monocrystalline silicon 5V 0.6W

Valve type

Ball valve

Water inlet


Water outlet


Waterproof level


Water pressure

0~10 bar

Product model


Operating temperature


Working humidity

0-90%RH No   condensation



Signal range

Open area ≤ 100   meters

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