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Smart Agricultural Irrigation QOTO Wireless Irrigation Controller Replaces Solenoid Valve


At present, the terminals of other automated irrigation systems in China use solenoid valves, which can only be fully opened or closed, and the valves cannot be accurately adjusted, and are only suitable for use on flat small plots of land. The huge role of drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation in saving water and increasing production has been recognized by more and more growers. The traditional first valve in the field adopts solenoid valve, especially in the drip irrigation system, the imported solenoid valve is the most used. Imported solenoid valve is expensive, and its working principle is to realize the opening and closing of the valve by relying on water pressure. If the water pressure is too low or artesian water, the solenoid valve cannot work normally, which limits its application range.

After more than 2 years of development and struggle, SHENZHEN POWER-TOMORROW ACTUATOR VALVE CO.,LTD.  has developed a new type of solar wireless automatic irrigation controller, which can control the valve opening, and calculate and count pipeline flow, pressure, etc. . Communication technology covers Lora, NB-iot, 4G, etc., adapting to different irrigation scenarios at home and abroad, to formulate corresponding solutions, solve a series of installation problems, optimize costs, and only need less capital, you can install QOTO QT Series Smart Irrigation Series Smart Control Water Valve.

    Our intelligent control irrigation system can keep the water pressure of the drip irrigation belt stable by adjusting the valve size, so it can be used on sloped mountains.

At present, the system can be controlled remotely through a mobile phone or computer, or a program can be programmed into an intelligent controller to open and close the valve on time to achieve automatic control. An intelligent control system that triggers the valve to open and close for irrigation based on sensor data is under development.

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