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Soil moisture monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring is an urgent need for agricultural drought and disaster reduction; it is a key link in the development of efficient and water-saving agriculture; it is one of the important means to promote green and sustainable agricultural development; it is the technical support for building modern agriculture. Soil moisture monitoring plays an important role in modern agricultural production management. Strengthening moisture monitoring and rationally developing and utilizing water resources to adjust the layout of agricultural production are of great significance to promoting the green and sustainable development of agriculture.

The soil moisture monitoring system can monitor soil temperature and humidity, electrical conductivity, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other parameters in real time. After the alarm threshold is set on the platform, when the soil data is abnormal, the platform will remotely remind the staff in the form of SMS/email.

In addition to the basic functions such as accurate monitoring of soil moisture, timely warning of abnormal conditions, and historical data query and export, a display method according to the buried depth is also added. The data at the same depth will be displayed together, which is more convenient to view. Click in the figure At a certain depth, you can quickly locate the data at that depth for viewing. Comprehensively and accurately grasp the soil conditions, and provide accurate data information for drought and disaster prevention, planting and cultivation, etc.

soil moisture monitoring


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