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The Advantages Of High Pressure Ball Valve Hard Seal


The high-pressure ball valve has a compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The sealing surface and the spherical surface are often in a closed state, which is not easy to be eroded by the medium. It is easy to operate and maintain. It is suitable for general working media and media with harsh conditions. Switching natural gas and other industries are widely used.

High-pressure ball valves do not have strict requirements in terms of fluid media, which are largely due to the use of hard seals.

So, what is the difference between the soft and hard seal of the ball valve?

1. The hard seal is finely processed with the valve seat material to ensure the accuracy of the fit with the ball; the soft seal means that the sealing material embedded on the valve seat is a non-metallic material, which requires low processing accuracy;

2. As for the sealing performance, the hard seal can determine the degree of sealing according to the actual situation; the degree of sealing of the soft seal is relatively high and cannot be changed flexibly;

3. Under high temperature, the material of the soft seal will leak; the hard seal will not leak under the high pressure of the valve;

4. Due to its special structure, the soft seal is suitable for general media; the hard seal ball valve is suitable for both general working media and media with harsh conditions;

The principle of hard sealing of high pressure ball valve is the same as that of soft sealing ball valve. Hard-sealed ball valves have a longer production cycle than soft-sealed ball valves, and the processing technology is more complicated, so the production cost is relatively high.

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