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The Advantages Of QOTO Intelligent Irrigation System Compared With Other Systems 2/2


Advantage comparison

QOTO Irrigation System

Other irrigation systems


It can control the opening percentage of the valve. When the water flow is too large, the mobile APP or computer can remotely adjust the valve opening to reduce the flow and reduce the water pressure.

It can only be fully opened and fully closed, and the water pressure can be reduced through the pressure reducing valve

Motor control valve switch, no water hammer phenomenon, no damage to pipes and nozzles

Instantaneous switch, there is water hammer phenomenon, it is necessary to install a pressure reducing valve after the controller to reduce the harm caused by water hammer.

There is no need to lay wires to reduce material, construction and maintenance costs

The solenoid valve control needs to be controlled by pulling wires

By adjusting the size of the valve, the water pressure of the drip irrigation belt is kept stable, so it can be used on sloping ground.

The solenoid valve can only be fully opened or closed, and can not accurately adjust the valve. It is only suitable for use on flat small land.

Flowmeter interface, connect the flowmeter to accurately control the water consumption and realize precise irrigation./

Most of them have flow records, and flow control cannot be performed.

It can be used for the integrated construction of water and fertilizer, setting flow control and accurately proportioning the proportion of water and fertilizer.

The purchase of water and fertilizer all-in-one machine is expensive.

Water shortage alarm, low battery alarm and fault alarm make users feel more secure.

The watering condition can only be checked manually on site, and it is impossible to judge whether the water shortage and equipment are watered normally

The history can be viewed at will, and the statistics of irrigation time and water consumption can be reported.

Unable to view history or only current watering time.

Full bore, not easy to block the valve, long service life.

The solenoid valve is easy to block and has a relatively short service life.

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