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The Damage To The Sealing Surface Of The High Pressure Ball Valve By The Medium Is Physical And Chemical Damage


The pressure ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline. It can also be used for fluid adjustment and control. It is especially suitable for media containing fibers and small solid particles. In the pipeline, the merging, diverging, and switching of the flow direction of the medium can be flexibly controlled, and the pipeline is generally installed horizontally.

The reasons for the easy damage of the sealing surface of the high pressure ball valve are the damage caused by improper manual operation and the inevitable erosion and erosion of the medium to the sealing surface. The damage to the sealing surface by the medium is physical and chemical damage. The specific manifestations are:

1. The sealing surface will be damaged by scratches, bruises, crushing, etc. during the switching process. Between the two sealing surfaces, under the action of high pressure, mutual penetration occurs, resulting in adhesion. When they move, the adhesion forms a see-saw form. During the closing process, the ball center bumps and squeezes the sealing surface. , Causing partial wear or indentation on the sealing surface;

2. The result of wear, washing and cavitation on the sealing surface when the medium is moving. At a certain speed, the impurities in the medium rub against the sealing surface, and the high-speed moving medium directly scours the sealing surface, coupled with the alternate action of chemical erosion, so it strongly erodes the sealing surface;

3. The contact between the sealing surface and the valve body, the concentration difference of the medium, the oxygen concentration and other reasons cause a potential difference and electrochemical corrosion.

Failure to select the valve according to the actual working conditions will cause the high-pressure ball valve to close too fast or not tightly, and the sealing surface will be eroded and worn.

Only with good working conditions, maintaining a harmonious temperature and pressure ratio, and reasonable corrosion data can high-pressure ball valves have a longer service life and maintenance-free period.

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