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The wireless intelligent irrigation controller integrates modern management technologies to realize precise irrigation

Driven by the fundamental contradiction between high water shortage and agricultural development, water-saving irrigation has achieved great development in recent years. Because of its advantages of water saving, labor saving, machinery saving, high efficiency, precision, salinity resistance, pest resistance, increasing production and income, etc.,

It has been recognized by farmers and water conservancy management departments. Water-saving sprinkler irrigation technology has created favorable conditions for expanding the area of arable land and increasing the income of farmers and herdsmen in areas with extreme shortage of water resources.QOTO Automatic Controls independently developed the irrigation system, and built a wireless intelligent irrigation controller at the core. Based on the advanced and efficient water-saving irrigation method, the integration of modern management technologies such as automation and informatization can effectively keep the system in high-efficiency operation all the time. It can make more scientific use of the long-term accumulated experience of manual operation, reduce human intervention in the operation process, and realize precise irrigation.

The various characteristics of QOTO wireless intelligent irrigation controller, compared with the solenoid valve used by other systems for pipeline water flow control, QOTO is more suitable for use in irrigation projects.

1. Mobile APP or computer remote control, no need to install a control cabinet, no need to pull wire control, reduce the restrictions caused by pipelines during farmland operations, easier installation and use, and lower maintenance costs.

2. Powered by solar panel + battery, or external power supply, it can be installed and used under different conditions of use in different environments.

3. Schedule irrigation, create an irrigation plan, and perform watering and irrigation regularly and quantitatively.

4. Control the water consumption for irrigation, such as setting the capacity on the APP to irrigate 100 liters of water. When the 100 liters of water is poured, the valve will automatically close to achieve precise irrigation.

5. Functions such as fault warning, pipeline water shortage warning, low power warning, etc. are more secure to use

6. When the watering is turned on, the watering amount and time are fed back to the mobile phone in real time, so as to clearly understand the irrigation situation of the fields.

7. Circulating irrigation function, this function can be used for multi-frequency irrigation

8. Device message push

9. Circular irrigation function, multiple devices line up to irrigate in order. When the water flow of the irrigation pipeline is not enough to water all the farmland, all the valves in the area are opened for watering, and the sprinklers may not come out in some areas. It is time-consuming and laborious to manually open one by one. At this time, the rotation irrigation function is particularly important. On the APP or computer, create a round-robin irrigation plan, and the wireless intelligent irrigation controller will automatically queue up the irrigation and watering in sequence.


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