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What are Smart Agriculture Solutions?

What are Smart Agriculture Solutions?

The smart agriculture solution is specially proposed for the development of modern smart agriculture. At present, the application scope of smart agriculture basically covers vegetable and fruit greenhouses, flower gardening greenhouses, animal husbandry (pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.) breeding, poultry (chicken, duck, Geese, etc.) breeding, aquaculture and many other fields, real-time display by various instruments or participating in automatic control as parameters of automatic control can provide scientific basis for precise control of greenhouses to increase production, improve quality, adjust growth cycle, The purpose of improving economic efficiency.

In the greenhouse control system, use the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, PH value sensor, illuminance sensor, CO2 sensor and other equipment of the Internet of Things system to detect the temperature, relative humidity, PH value, soil EC value, light intensity, and soil nutrients in the environment. , CO2 concentration and other physical parameters to ensure a good and suitable growth environment for crops.

Using wireless networks to measure the best conditions for crop growth, a large number of sensor nodes constitute a monitoring network, and collect information through various sensors to help farmers discover problems in time and accurately determine the location of the problem, so that agriculture will gradually From a production mode centered on manpower and dependent on isolated machinery to a production mode centered on information and software, a variety of automated, intelligent, and remote-controlled production equipment is widely used.

At present, many cases have proved that vegetables do not need to be planted in the soil, or even without natural light, but the yield can reach 3-5 times that of conventional planting; irrigation and fertilization do not require manual labor, but are accurately completed by the water and fertilizer integrated irrigation system, which is more water-saving than field irrigation. 70%-80%; the planting space is not limited to flat surfaces, but can also be vertical, saving up to 80% of the land; drones are used for pesticide application, robots are used for greenhouse picking, and the whole process of arable land, harvesting, drying, and rice processing is fully mechanized. It is based on the research on smart agriculture to formulate solutions applicable to actual agriculture

What are Smart Agriculture Solutions


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