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What is a soil moisture monitoring system?

1. What is a soil moisture monitoring system?
The soil moisture monitoring system can realize long-term continuous monitoring of soil moisture. Users can flexibly arrange soil moisture sensors according to monitoring needs; they can also arrange sensors at different depths to measure the soil moisture of the profile. The system also provides additional expansion capabilities. Corresponding sensors can be added according to monitoring needs to monitor soil temperature, soil electrical conductivity, soil PH value, groundwater level, groundwater quality, and air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and other information , so as to meet the needs of system function upgrades.

2. Description of the power supply part of the soil moisture monitoring system
The solar energy is converted into electric energy to charge the battery, and data can be sent continuously no matter there is sunshine or cloudy, especially suitable for long-term work in the field.

3. Application of soil moisture monitoring system in rice fields
For paddy fields, water management requires reasonable control, too much or too little water is not conducive to the growth of rice. Failure to irrigate in a timely and adequate amount, or over-irrigate, may cause the rice rhizomes to fail to absorb water from the soil in time, affecting the normal growth of rice. Since it is difficult to manually collect soil moisture data in the field late at night, through the soil moisture monitoring system Monitor and understand the relevant conditions of soil moisture to ensure that the soil moisture in the field is within a certain range.
Also in the season of rice sowing, the quality traits of rice are mostly affected by the genetic genes of the rice variety itself, but the cultivation techniques and environmental conditions also directly affect the quality of rice. Under different water management conditions, the protein content of rice is also significantly different. When the moisture in the soil gradually decreases, the protein content in brown rice gradually increases, and drought stress will reduce the gel consistency and protein content, which will affect the cooking quality of rice.

Using the soil moisture monitoring system to monitor and analyze the soil moisture in paddy fields can guide farmers and planters to irrigate scientifically and prepare for drought resistance in time, which plays a positive role in agricultural development.

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