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What problems can smart agriculture solve?

What problems can smart agriculture solve? 1. Solve the problem of production efficiency; 2. Improve the quality of agricultural products; 3. Reduce investment. Smart agriculture is the application of Internet of Things technology in the field of modern agriculture. It mainly includes monitoring function system, monitoring function system, real-time image and video monitoring function.

(1) The monitoring function system obtains plant growth environment information based on the wireless network, such as monitoring parameters such as soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, and plant nutrient content. Other parameters can also be selected, such as PH value in the soil, conductivity and so on. The monitoring function system is responsible for receiving, storing, displaying and data management the data sent by the wireless sensor aggregation node, realizing the acquisition, management, dynamic display and analysis processing of all base test point information and displaying it to users in the form of intuitive charts and curves.

According to the feedback of the above various information, the system automatically controls the agricultural park for automatic irrigation, automatic cooling, automatic mold rolling, automatic liquid fertilizer fertilization, automatic spraying, etc.

(2) The monitoring function system realizes automatic information detection and control in the agricultural park, and is equipped with wireless sensor nodes, solar power supply system, information collection and information routing equipment with wireless sensor transmission system. Each base point is equipped with a wireless sensor node, and each wireless sensor node can monitor parameters such as soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, and plant nutrient content. Provide various sound and light alarm information and SMS alarm information according to the needs of planting crops.

(3) Real-time image and video monitoring functions. The basic concept of the agricultural Internet of Things is to realize the relationship network between crops and the environment, soil and fertility in agriculture, and realize the optimal growth of crops through multi-dimensional information and multi-level processing. Environmental conditioning and fertilization management. However, as a person who manages agricultural production, the mere numerical connection of things cannot fully create the best growth conditions for crops.

What problems can smart agriculture solve


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