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WiFi Zigbee BLE Solar Panel Smart Water Valve Agriculture Irrigation Timer

Wifi Zigbee BLE Solar Panel Smart Water Valve Agriculture Irrigation Timer

QOTO Brand water timer/garden timer.If the water timer is connected to WiFi(2.4GHz), you can program and manage the watering schedule anytime and anywhere with the Tuya APP (Android,iOS). Don't worry about watering the plants when you go outside.This wifi faucet timer has a built-in water meter with two watering modes: irrigation and atomization, recording water flow while in use and providing a more scientific watering setting to save water.

Product main funtion:

1.App remote control:
After the network is configured,the smart automatic watering device can be turned on or off through the mobile phone remote control anytime and anywhere.
2.Real-time feedback: real-time feedback for valve opening and closing, check the valve opening position by phone without camera installation
3.Flow adjustment: the mobile phone APP can adjust the water volume, 0~100% can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the accuracy is 5%
4.Weather association: It can be associated with local weather conditions to realize automatic watering linked with weather.
5.Intelligent automation: It can be associated with other smart devices to realize applications in different scenarios.
6.Voice watering: support most of the smart voice devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant,TmallGenie etc., watering can be done by voice.
7.Shared equipment: can be shared with family members to use together
8.Full-pass caliber:the water outlet will not shrink, the water flow is smooth,and the water pressure will not be reduced.
9.History record: every time the valve is opened, there is a record of usage time and length.
10.Solar panel charging function solar panel, 2~3 years long-standby time :using 2*AA

Product Introduction

The water time that full-pass caliber, smooth water flow, and the water outlet will not shrink.
The motor controls the valve to open and close, and the valve will not be blocked due to dirty water. The caliber size of most watering devices on the market is 1/2" 3/4", and the water outlet size is only 1/3 of the actual size, and some large flow nozzles cannot.



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