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General understanding of the use of rolling bearings in ball valves

Ball valves are widely used in petroleum refining, long-distance pipelines, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, water conservancy, electric power, municipal administration, steel and other occupations. The fluid resistance is small. The full-bore ball valve has almost no flow resistance. It is tight and reliable, but the opening of the ball valve The closing torque is one of the important parameters reflecting the function of the ball valve. It refers to all necessary force or moments for opening or closing the valve.

It is an action of the valve to summarize the skill index under the effect of medium pressure. Following the development of the times and entering the 21st Century, there have been significant improvements in production and production skills. In order to deal with ball valves to reduce the opening and closing torque and reduce costs, rolling bearings are used in ball valves to significantly reduce their opening and closing torque. The service life and operating functions are significantly improved.

For large-caliber fixed ball valves such as ball valves for transporting ore slurry and ball valves for coal water slurry conditions, the valve stem adopts dust-proof and anti-spout planning. The structure ensures that the valve stem only accepts the valve opening and closing torque, and the thrust of the medium is from upper to lower The supporting bearing is appropriate to improve the stress condition of the valve stem, ensuring that the valve stem can work reliably for a long time, and the upper and lower supporting shafts are equipped with rolling bearings and sliding bearings.

This reduces the operating torque of the valve. The stem nut can be tightened slightly until the leakage is stopped, but the tightening cannot be continued. Long-term storage in the open air will cause the valve body and parts to rust and cannot be used normally. When the ball valve is stored, it should be rainproof, waterproof and moisture-proof, and the flange cover should be tightly covered.


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