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High-pressure ball valve ensures the stability of pipeline sealing performance


With the rapid development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of production technology and product structure, the use of high-pressure ball valves in just 40 years is increasing year by year.

The high-pressure ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, and can also be used for fluid adjustment and control. Among them, there is a strong shear force between the hard sealing ball core and the metal valve seat of the hard alloy. Suitable for media containing fibers, small solid particles, etc.

The main manufacturing process of high pressure ball valve is divided into forging and casting.

Small-caliber high-pressure ball valves usually have more forgings. Small-caliber high-pressure ball valves are difficult to make and easy to leak. Therefore, small-caliber high-pressure ball valves use forging technology, and the appearance is more beautiful than cast. Therefore, the price of forging is relatively high. Also higher.

Large-diameter high-pressure ball valves usually have more forgings. The process of large-diameter valve bodies from mold opening to casting is relatively simple. Casting valve bodies are lighter than forging. Therefore, in terms of price, casting has an advantage over forging. a little.

The high-pressure ball valve is neat and beautiful in appearance. In our country, high-pressure ball valves are widely used in various high-pressure medium transmission pipelines in petroleum refining, long-distance pipelines, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, water conservancy, electric power, municipal administration, steel and other industries. Valves produced by forging technology can effectively protect The high pressure of the pipeline fluid damages the sealing valve seat, ensuring the stability of the sealing performance and the long service life.

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