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High pressure ball valve is mainly designed for high temperature


High-pressure ball valves are mainly designed on high-temperature and high-pressure pipelines. In the case of normal closing and opening, the valve body is guaranteed not to be deformed. Under high temperature conditions, the valve can effectively compensate for the thermal expansion of internal parts and avoid jams caused by high turbidity. It is suitable for medium and small diameter high temperature applications. The surface of the small-caliber sphere adopts special surface hardening treatment, and the whole valve seat is made of special hard materials or partial hardfacing hard materials to ensure proper hardness difference between the sealing rings, so it is suitable for solid particles and abrasive media. Due to the use of flexible graphite and metal wound gaskets for sealing and packing, it can be used in high temperature and high pressure working conditions and has a fire resistance function.

Application range of high-pressure ball valve: Floating ball valve is suitable for general industrial use. Floating ball valve is also suitable for chemical, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgical and other industries and hydrogen sulfide-containing media, many impurities, and serious corrosion of natural gas long-distance pipelines. Floating ball valves are divided into ordinary carbon steel series WCB and A105 based on the shell material according to different usage requirements; stainless steel series 304,316; low temperature steel series LCB, LCC; sulfur resistant series, etc.

Structural features of high-pressure ball valve: The main feature of the floating ball valve is that the ball has no supporting shaft. The ball is held in a "floating" state by two valve seats. It is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the direction of medium flow in the pipeline. The main features of the floating ball valve are the valve seat sealing design, the reliable inverted sealing valve sealing rod, the anti-static function, automatic pressure relief and locking device and other structural features.

When the stagnant pressure in the middle cavity of the high-pressure ball valve exceeds the preload of the spring abnormally, the valve seat moves backward and separates from the ball to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief. The valve seat is automatically reset after pressure relief. The packing gland of the high pressure ball valve is sealed with PTFR packing and O-ring double sealing ring, which is especially suitable for gas media. The packing is installed in the packing disc. The new SF type self-lubricating sliding bushing with low friction system can be used at any time to reduce operation. Moment. The high-pressure ball valve divides the valve body into three parts along the cross section perpendicular to the axis of the valve channel at the two valve seats. The whole valve is symmetrical along the stem axis. It is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the direction of medium flow in the pipeline. Its large pivot structure ensures accurate ball position under high pressure, ensuring good valve operation performance; the standard valve seat adopts a spring structure to push the valve seat to the ball, ensuring good two-way sealing performance for inlet and outlet; The discharge valve in the valve body can discharge outward; the pivot adopts an anti-blowout protection structure to effectively prevent leakage; the low friction coefficient of the bearing reduces the torque to a small amount and facilitates the opening and closing of the valve; the valve stem and the valve body are effective Contact, so that the anti-static grounding device has superior performance. It has the advantages of excellent performance, high reliability, wide range of uses, and reasonable price.

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