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How is the engineering construction of the flange butterfly valve

The direction, width ratio, and orientation of the flange butterfly valve equipment must comply with the overall planning requirements, and the connection should be firm and inseparable. All kinds of hand valves on the equipment directly buried in the insulation pipe, the rocker can not go down. Flange butterfly valve equipment must carry out appearance inquiry.

Only apply after reaching the standard. In the compression test, the test working pressure is 1.5 times of the pound level, and the time again is not less than 5 minutes. The flange butterfly valve cover and filling material should not leak to meet the standard. During the tight connection test, the test working pressure is 1.1 times the pound level.

The working pressure of the test shall meet the standard requirements at the time of the test again, and the standard shall be met if there is no leakage on the piston valve convex surface. The shut-off valves actually operated by the spindle and rocker can be installed in all directions of the pipeline. The main shaft, rocker and Wei moving mechanism are not allowed to be used for hoisting. The inflow of the substance should be with the direction of the arrow symbol displayed on the oil circuit board.


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