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How to choose the right trap ball valve


The structure of the trap ball valve is simple. There is only one finely ground stainless steel hollow float ball inside. It is a float and an opening and closing part. There are no parts that are easily damaged by the butterfly valve. The service life is very long. The work quality is high. The valve seat of the ball trap is always below the liquid level, forming a water seal, no steam leakage, and good energy saving effect. The free-floating ball trap is not affected by fluctuations in temperature and working pressure and drains continuously. It can discharge the condensed water at saturation temperature, and there is no water in the heating equipment. It can make the heating gate valve equipment achieve good heat exchange efficiency. The back pressure rate of the gate valve is 85%. It is one of the ideal traps for the production process heating equipment.

In the past, our country's concept was "large land and abundant resources" and "rich products". Although this concept has been reversed in recent years, people have gradually gained a new understanding of energy conservation. However, thermal power plants have only paid attention to production and ignored economic operation for a long time. As a result, energy-saving work has not been paid enough attention. Small things such as steam traps are even less popular. A considerable number of people in China believe that "the more traps installed, the more leakage points." We have found that some power plants have removed many traps and sealed the drain pipe openings because the leakage of the trap has affected the output. Therefore, some power plants would rather use stop valves or trap ball valves instead of traps. They call automatic traps "automatic leakers". Since the quality of domestic traps is not good enough, domestic units use less automatic traps.

When using traps, first of all pay attention to the selection. Improper selection will cause water blocking and air leakage. Choosing a trap should not only consider the drainage volume, nor simply apply it based on the look-up table. It should be based on the drainage volume (condensate volume) and the pressure difference before and after the valve, and determine its specifications and quantities according to the valve sample.

When selecting a trap ball valve, the drainage volume of the trap ball valve must be selected by multiplying the equipment’s hourly steam consumption by 2-3 times the selection rate as the large condensate volume. In order to ensure that the trap ball valve can discharge the condensed water as soon as possible when driving, and quickly increase the temperature of the heating equipment. Insufficient discharge energy of the trap ball valve will cause the condensed water to not be discharged in time and reduce the thermal efficiency of the heating equipment. When selecting a trap ball valve, you cannot select a trap based on its nominal pressure, because the nominal pressure can only indicate the pressure rating of the trap body shell. The nominal pressure of the trap ball valve is very different from the working pressure. Therefore, the drainage volume of the trap should be selected according to the working pressure difference. Working pressure difference refers to the difference between the working pressure before the trap minus the back pressure at the outlet of the trap. Choosing a trap ball valve requires accurate steam blocking and drainage, high sensitivity, improved steam utilization, no steam leakage, reliable working performance, high back pressure rate, long service life, and convenient maintenance. In the production process of heat exchange equipment, drying rooms, rapid heat exchangers, distillation equipment, etc., which require rapid heating, and production heating equipment that does not allow condensate water, mechanical trap ball valves should be used. In steam pipelines, heat tracing pipelines, heating equipment, and steam equipment with low temperature requirements, thermostatic trap ball valves should be used. In the high temperature and high pressure superheated steam pipeline and equipment, the special trap ball valve for superheated steam should be selected.

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