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Smart Automatic Wifi Water Timer

1. Two modes: A.Control watering by water capacity; B.Control watering by time 2. Equipped with adapters, can connect three sizes of pipes (1" 3/4' 1/2") 3. More than a dozen simple functions to your plant watering care 4. Real-time feedback of water valve 5. Associated weather can be set. 6. Intelligent linkage can be set to realize automation. 7. Intelligent voice equipment control 8. Work with gateway, lower power consumption 9. Group function 10. Different communication protocol versions can be used


smart automatic wifi water timer

Functions Remote control: The smart water timer can be remote controlled via APP at any time and anywhere after the success of network connection between controller and mobile phone. 

Real-time feedback: When the smart water timer starts watering, the duration and water consumption will be fed back to the APP interface in real time 

Flow control: Two types of watering models, control the amount and time of watering, can be switched at will

Circulating irrigation: Setting of cyclic irrigation in two watering modles, for example: according to the cyclic irrigation setting of water consumption, turn on the watering capacity, select cyclic irrigation, set the amount of each watering, enter the number of cycles and the interval of each watering , then watering can be cycled. 

Timed watering: 4 groups of timed watering programs can be set, single time irrigation or cycle irrigation. 

Network disconnected operation: After setting the timing program, even if the network is disconnected, watering can be performed according to the set timing program, but the APP cannot be used to control after the network is disconnected. 

Rain and snow days delay: Turn on this function in rain and snow weather, and select a delay time of 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours to save water resources. This function can also be cancelled at any time. 

Intelligent automation: It can be associated with other smart devices to realize applications in different scenarios. For example: linked with the soil temperature sensor, when it detects that the soil moisture value reaches the set value, the smart water timer is automatically opened for watering, and automatically closed when the task is completed. 

Voice watering: support most smart voice devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Wizard, DuerOS, etc., watering can be done by voice 

Shared equipment: Can be shared with family members to use together 

Create a group: you can control the devices in the same group at the same time 

Historical records: Count the monthly watering time and total water consumption; record each watering time and water consumption

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