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Garden Wireless Wifi Solar Energy Automatic Solar Powered Irrigation Controller

1.Long-distance wireless coverage 2.Robust & long-lasting life 3.Made from all-weather material


Product Description

  Bring Smart to Your Yard

Turn any outdoor faucet into an app-controlled water source that can help you save time, water and money.

Control From Anywhere

IRRIGOLD connects to Wi-Fi hub, giving you complete control over your watering, no matter where you are.

Key Features

● 2-minute easy setup

● Rain Skip function to save water

● 3 watering modes plus ECO to match your schedule

● Real-time status updates sent to your phone

● Control 35 water timers with one gateway

● Real-time watering progress available in app

● Watering and rain skip history of past 90 days

App interface

QT-05-water timerQT-5 size

1.Q:Can I be 300 miles away and use the app on my phone connected to cellular data only to manually turn on and turn off?

A: Of course. You only need to have an internet connection.

2. Q: What's the maximum pressure this can support?

A: The pressure operating range: 2.9-116 psi. It's better not to release the water with high pressure for a long time.

3. Q: Does water stay on and shut off automatically?

A: Yes. You can schedule it however you want, each day of the week. It is automatic and works great.

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