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RF433 Signal Solar Hose End Timer

Water Valve Material : ABS HS CODE : 8481804090


RF433 signal solar hose end timer

The automatic wifi water timer will start to work once it connect to gateway. The gateway will transform wifi into RF signal when users trigger the irrigation schedule.The water timer can send warning messages or feedback to cell phones through gateway.

QT-05-water timerProduct Parameters





 Item name


 Item name


 Tube size

 1/2"     3/4"

 Working temperature



 5V  /1A

 Working humidity



 ≤ 1.6MPA

 Operating voltage



 176 x 112 x 67mm

 Wireless connection

 Wifi IEE802 11b/g/n

 2.4G Below 1GHz


 2 pcs  AA batteries

Phone app

 Tuya App

Detailed picture

Solar water timer 

1.Mobile phone remote control anytime and anywhere.

Don’t worry about no one watering the green plants when traveling or on business


2.The amount of water can be adjusted. 

The amount of watering can be set remotely via the mobile phone, 0~100% can be adjusted freely, and the accuracy is 5%.


3.Set timed watering.

APP setting timing, quantitative, watering in multiple periods, as simple as setting an alarm clock on our mobile phone


4.Real-time feedback. 

You can know the running status of the automatic watering device through your mobile phone, so you can feel more at ease.


5.Long battery life. 

The normal AA battery version can be used for 12 months, and the high-profile version of the solar Amorphous Solar Cells rechargeable battery can be used for 3 to 4 years without replacement. No need to connect to the power source, not affected by power outages, no sockets, no wiring troubles.


6.Voice watering.

Supports watering via most smart voice devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Wizard, DuerOS, etc.


7. The APP interface is simple and easy to operate and powerful.

The mobile APP adopts MCU microcomputer control technology. It is based on a third-party platform for the whole category of smart home (Tuya Smart Cloud Service). A gateway can connect 8 watering devices, 50 different sub-devices, and multiple control valves in different areas. Through a mobile phone APP can realize the operation of all devices in the smart home, control the device anytime and anywhere, and monitor the status of the device and the usage of the device in real time


8.RF scheme, low power consumption, longer transmission, more stable communication.

It adopts wireless connection technology that conforms to international standards and has very low power consumption. It is suitable for outdoor products with low data speed. It has longer standby time, long transmission distance, and control distance 2 to 3 times that of WIFI. The outdoor transmission distance can reach 180m, and the indoor can penetrate the wall with 3~4 brick walls.

9. Full-pass caliber, smooth water flow, and the water outlet will not shrink.

The motor controls the valve to open and close, and the valve will not be blocked due to dirty water. The caliber size of most watering devices on the market is 1/2" 3/4", and the water outlet size is only 1/3 of the actual size, and some large flow nozzles cannot be installed.


10. Equipment sharing.

The automatic watering device can be set to share with friends and family members, without reconnecting repeatedly


11. Watering records,can record each time watering time and water flow.


12. Automated linkage function, for example: linkage with water overflow sensor,can prevent indoor water leakage or overflow. The temperature and humidity sensor automatically turns on or off when the temperature is reached.


13. The gateway is multi-purpose can equipped with sub-devices to achieve more functions, such as doorbell, human body sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, door sensor, etc.


14. IP66 waterproof,high temperature resistant to 85. At the same time, it has a temperature sensing function and displays the local real-time weather. Can withstand water temperature of up to 70.


15. The installation is simple, the people who are not good at DIY  also can easily install it.


16. It senses the weather, can set conditions with local weather conditions, and realize automatic watering linked with weather.


17. Automatic intelligent watering, reducing the number of maintenance personnel for green plants and flowers, saving time and labor costs.


18. Applicable to most watering nozzles in the market, and large flow nozzles are also applicable.


19. At present, most of the solenoid valves on the market ,our smart wtaer timer is controlled by motors,and the water pressure will not affect our watering devices.


20. In addition to providing wireless signals to the smart automatic watering device, our smart gateway can also be equipped with more other smart sub-devices, such as smart lamps, smart sockets, wireless switches, wireless doorbells, temperature and humidity sensors, human sensors, Door sensor, etc. (more smart devices are under continuous development). Connecting smart lamps can realize functions such as remote control switch, dimming and color adjustment; connecting human sensor and door sensor can realize security function, the gateway is turned on and armed, when the human sensor infrared senses that someone enters, or someone opens the device The door and window of the magnetic door, the gateway will give an alarm, and there will be a display on the mobile phone APP, and the specific time and number of times are recorded.

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