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Zigbee Solar Garden Irrigation Timer

Irrigation timers allow you to program a number of variables into your automatic irrigation system, including which zones receive water and when, and which days your lawn is watered.


How To Set up QOTO Smart garden water timer And A Simple Drip irrigation system

Step 1: Set up the garden water timer
Attach the timer inlet to the outdoor faucet/spigot turning clockwise - hand tighten only. From the timer outlet connect a drip irrigation system or a garden hose.

Step 2: Filter
Install a filter so your emitters or drippers don't become clogged.

Step 3: Reduce Pressure
Most household water systems are at 40-80 pounds of pressure, but you would need the pressure for your drip system at about 25 pounds of pressure.You can open the valve by small angle to reduce water pressure

Step 5: Plan Your System

Keep in mind that for each 1/4 inch branch line with 1/2 gallon per hour emitters,  you can only run:

up to about 19 feet of 1/4 inch drip line with emitters at 6 inch spacing

up to about 25 feet of 1/4 inch drip line with emitters at 9 inch spacing

up to about 34 feet of 1/4 inch drip line with emitters at 12 inch spacing

Below is a rough sketch of a small garden layout using 1/4 inch drip line at 6″ spacing.

Step 6: Run Supply Lines

You can use a hose thread (not pipe thread) connector to attach your line(s) directly to your Hose end water timer. The end of the hose can be bent back or capped off. You can buy the 1/2 inch blank supply lines in 100′ rolls. You can also buy 1/4″ blank tubing  to run from your 1/2″ supply line to your drip line. Or you might want to use 1/4″ blank tubing to bridge a walkway or go up to a container planting.

Step 7: Install Drip Lines

Step 8: Test For Leaks and Adjust

Check your whole system for leaks and make sure that all the drip lines are dripping. Test the irrigation controller and play around with the length of time it takes to adequately water your garden. You will need to adjust the duration to match your soil, weather, mulch and type of vegetables. A good starting point would be 1 hour every three days assuming the weather is warm and dry.

Product Introduction

Product name solar power Hose end water timer
Model QT-05
Tube size 1/2",3/4"
Waterproof Ip66
Pressure ≤1.6Mpa
Size 176*112*66mm
Power supply Monocrystalline Solar panel +Chargeable batteries


When the sprinkler timer is connected to WiFi (2.4Ghz WiFi Only), you can simply program it and manage your watering schedule via Smartlife or Tuya App(Android, iOS) from anytime and anywhere. No need to worry about watering plants when you go out.

The App Interface Introduction

Tech Spec
1. Valve open by percentage to reduce water hammer damage;
2. Smart Watering & Rain Delay, This watering timer has weather sense. It will check local weather forecasts, then adjust the watering schedule or start rain delay automatically as you set.
3. 5
0m range from Sprinkler Timer to gateway
4. 30-1200kPa operating pressure
5. 20/25mm Tap Fitting

QT5 specification

Quick Start Guide

1) Power the Wi-Fi Gateway & Timer

a. Plug the Wi-Fi Gateway into an indoor outlet.

b. Insert 2 AA Batteries into the timer.

(The battery tray is under the timer. Batteries are not included)

2) Initial Tuya or smartlife App Setup

Download the Tuya or Smartlife App, then create an account and login.

3) Pair the Wi-Fi Gateway

a. Click the button "Add Device" or "+" on the home page of the app.

b. Choose "Add Manually" and "Power strip", and then click "power strip(BLE+WiFi)".

c. Follow the app setup wizard. Press and hold the button on the Wi-Fi Gateway around 5 seconds until a blue LED light rapidly flashing.

d. Enter Wi-Fi Password and connect with Wi-Fi. (Only 2.4G Wi-Fi are supported).

Note: If your router is a dual-band router, please independently enable the 2.4GHz WiFi band and name it differently from the 5GHz WiFi band.

4) Pair the Wi-Fi Hose end water timer

a. After successfully pairing with Wi-Fi Gateway and connecting to Wi-Fi, click the button "Manager added devices" on the app to add your timer.

b. Follow the app setup wizard. Press and hold the button on your timer around 5 seconds until the blue LED light rapidly flashing.

c. Once the timer is paired successfully, the APP will show "Device added successfully" .

5) Install the Timer on the Outdoor Faucet

6) Program Your Timer on APP

QT-05-water timer

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